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In the area of return logistics, Mader makes highly modern logistics solutions available for your return packaging. The thing that distinguishes us is an especially committed team of extremely well qualified staff who can temporarily store your containers, provide appraisal, handling, sorting, commissioning, assembling and packaging services. And, of course, we clean your containers if necessary to the highest requirements. Your load carriers will be booked in by us in your ERP system and can be retrieved at short notice from our "supermarket" according to demand via kanban or e-kanban.

We deliver your containers or package sets assembled for you to the right place at the right time, even right to your production line if desired. We coordinate your entire container cycles for you, regardless of whether the packaging belongs to your customer or supplier. You can concentrate fully on your product and your customers. The name Mader has long stood for integrated process stability, perfect service, absolute reliability and the highest level of customer satisfaction.




⇒ Industrial cleaning

⇒ Residual dirt analyses

⇒ Container management

Industrial cleaning: Easy on the product, easy on the environment


Different cleaning processes are our strength: Mader cleans every container wet or dry according to the highest standards of cleanliness – even industrial products of widely ranging material properties are cleaned in accordance with residual dirt requirements up to 200 μm. We are constantly improving the quality of the cleaning processes and always adding to the spectrum of reusable packaging to be cleaned.

High performance and precision cleaning of reusable packaging

In our industrial flow cleaning systems, stubborn dirt such as oil and grease are removed in the same way as the smallest particles. For small numbers, chamber washing systems are available. Labels and adhesive tape can be neutralised on request or removed without trace.

Cleanliness at Mader doesn't end with the product

Our cleaning systems are operated with energy-efficient combined heating and power plant. We utilise the radiant heat for the drying process to save costs and the environment (power-heat-coupling). The cleaning agents used for wet cleaning are neutral and environmentally compatible.

After cleaning, commissioning and sorting, Mader reintroduces the clean packaging into the empties system – also with the aid of e-kanban.

Residual dirt analyses: hot on the trail of dirt

When it comes to the production and processing of precision components and assemblies, technical cleanliness is a functional and cost-relevant aspect of quality. Mader inspects and analyses your parts in inhouse laboratories by means of qualified residual dirt analyses according to the strictest standards.

• Microscopic filter analyses
• Gravimetric inspections
• Fully automatic counting of metallic and non-metallic particles

Every inspection process is documented comprehensively.

Container management: More than just the contents

Our highly efficient, internet-based inventory management system creates the means by which to manage stocks of load carriers and plan them internationally.

• High transparency through representation of inhouse and external container cycles
• Availability of data in real-time
• Rising flexibility with stock changes at short notice
• Permanent inventory and low costs

The ecological reusable packaging items are tailored to your products and enable flexible production. We monitor and control not just the stock of your containers but also the average retention times and handling frequency. Loss situations and bottlenecks are avoided, empty journeys are reduced.