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Contract logistics: Always on the safe side

Mader supports the reliable and timely processing of your logistics. We collate material flows, channel them and, in an ideal scenario, dissolve backlogs. As an experienced contract logistics operator, Mader integrates your required goods in your production process and later controls dispatch to your customers through distribution logistics.


As a specialist for integrated logistics, we see our job as integral:

From procurement to distribution, you are on the safe side with contract logistics from Mader.




⇒ Procurement logistics

⇒ Production logistics

⇒ Distribution logistics

⇒ Spare part logistics

⇒ Value added services

Procurement logistics – optimum supply

You can rely on Mader when it comes to delivering goods to the production site precisely when you need them. We steer and regulate the demand-based, cost-effective supply of your company with external raw materials and commodities – just as you desire, just near you.

Production logistics – so that everything flows as it should

Bottlenecks in the supply chain? No chance! Our highly modern "supermarket handling" within production halls in part of a large digital signal chain and controls the delivery frequency of your components according to a retrieval system.

Well-engineered inhouse solutions optimise personnel and cost intensive areas and increase productivity.

Production logistics from Mader are orientated around highly modern principles and tried and tested methods such as:

Just-in-Time (JIT),

Just-in-Sequence (JIS)

or Cross Docking (Cross Dock).

Distribution logistics – lean warehousing

Adapted to your needs and desires: With distribution logistics from Mader, your goods reach their destination reliably and on time. Our services encompass warehouse storage, commissioning, assembling or packaging of goods in disposable or reusable containers and industrial packaging.

We are your spare parts service provider

While the manufacturer wants to get his parts dispatched quickly, the consumer is concerned with the procurement, availability and delivery capacity of spare parts. For both, we offer flexible, customised solutions.

The automotive industry values our express service and has done for a long time. We open all hours to provide a service whenever you need it – even aftersales.

Value added services – always a bit more in store

With our value added services, we adapt to your special desires.

Mader is your competent and versatile partner in packaging and warehouse logistics. Our services range from standard packaging, such as boxing up, to export packaging including rust-proofing for air freight goods or shipping.


Mader makes warehouse systems available with reusable and disposable packaging. This saves resources and is kind on your wallet or purse. Our trained staff assist when your goods need to be stored temporarily, handled, sorted, commissioned, assembled and packaged. In our high bay, block and container warehouses, your goods are stored optimally.


We take care of assembly tasks where it makes sense for your production process. Our solutions comprise the assisted production of individual components to taking on the complete assembly of parts.


In our bonded warehouses, we store your goods in bond until their final use or destination is known and thereby avoid further duties and taxes. As an experienced contract logistics operator, we can manage all formalities for you and safeguard the cross-border transport of goods. Moreover, we offer custodian warehouses for your suppliers.


Don't make do with standard solutions. Mader can give you more.